• Decodable, phonics-based early reading books with built-in lesson.

  • Teaches your child to read right from the beginning--no need to even know the alphabet first!

  • SIMPLE open-and-go program!

  • Get your child reading REAL books, right away!

  • Over 300,000 books SOLD!

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Why Learn With Dash?

  • Our curriculum teaches in an engaging, creative, and FUN way.

  • We make learning beautiful, gentle and it really works.

  • Ready to go, so it’s easy for parents and teachers to get started.

  • Proven to work for children who have struggled with other programs

  • Thousands of testimonials from parents and teachers HERE

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Why Our Reading Program Works

Engaging Stories and Teaching.

Connect with our adorable characters and stories with fun surprises!

Dash the pony is hidden in every book. Children LOVE reading to find him!

Sweet stickers for kids to track their progress in each book.

Real conflict, resolution and plot in each story.

Characters model positive behaviors.

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      Research-Based and Expert Approved.

      Our phonics-based program is backed by solid, long-term research. We combine the best parts of phonics lessons and the best parts of learning to read through engaging stories.

      We break it down into bite-sized pieces EASY for parents, teachers and kids.

      See experts' endorsements HERE.

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          Charming Illustrations And Activities.

          Full color, wholesome and classic illustrations that resonate with parent and child.

          Illustrations don't create the bad habit of "looking and guessing" instead of reading.

          Diversity is featured throughout the books.

          Fun details throughout -- Dash the pony is hidden in each book!

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              Connect. Learn. Grow.

              Learn and Grow Together

              From learning to read and write to developing emotional resilience, Dash into Learning is there.

              Our goal is to empower children with the most important skills in a way that will help them LOVE learning and growing.

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              Happy Parents and Teachers

              This is a beautiful program. The decoding technique is incredibly important so kids avoid bad habits like "look and guess". Do your young kids a huge favor and teach them to read with a time-honored phonics method like this. Plus the stories are beautiful and precious... a rarity nowadays in kids books.


              I have shared these books before and I cannot stress enough how life changing these have been for my daughter. What drew me in first was the beautiful illustrations. But what keeps me raving about these books is the structure of the writing.


              Hazel can READ!! She can read Book 1 from Dash into learning all by herself! We have been working on som sight words and word families here an there. I don't think she really understood what she was learning at the time until she finished reading her first book and it all clicked! I will never forget that moment and the look on her face...she was so surprised and proud of herself! So thankful to homeschool...I don't want to miss moments like these.


              My daughter is a very very very reluctant reader. She is 6 years old and reading was something she didn't like to do. She likes me reading to her but when it's her turn, she keeps saying it's too hard or confusing. I didn't want to force her because maybe she wasn't ready. I saw your program on Instagram and thought that the books looks so beautiful We got the last week not expecting my daughter to even be interested. After the first book, something clicked! I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!


              The books and activity packs from Dash into Learning have been lifesavers. Fun, hands-on, and easy to use!


              Charlie is developing a love of reading! We really love the Dash into Learning books! Such darling illustrations


              It is no secret that Madelyn has struggled with reading. She becomes easily frustrated and discouraged. We take it slow and at her pace. I stumbled across these books on Instagram and instantly fell in love. First because these books are so beautifully made. Second, because these books are right at Madelyn's pace. She is constantly pulling these out to look through and perfect. I make sure she reds and repeats the stories till she can easily read through the entire book.


              Dash into Happy

              Social Emotional Learning the Gentle Way

              Emphasis on family connections

              Each story is crafted to emphasize the thoughts and emotions of the characters so that the child can learn to connect with his or her own emotions by proxy. Then the child learns compassion for self and others when they are struggling. And the child learns to reach out for support and to give support to others who are in distress.

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                  Learn about emotions through reimagined fairy tales

                  Our books help children to connect with their emotions in safe, accessible ways through familiar stories.

                  Each story is crafted to emphasize the thoughts and emotions of the characters so that the child can learn to connect with his or her own emotions by proxy.

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                      Built-in lesson pages for easy discussion

                      A lesson plans include goals, vocabulary, and thought questions.The story itself brings up feelings, questions, and introspection for the child. Additionally, the text in each story is color-coded to the stated goals, which makes simple the answering of the discussion questions.

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