Advanced readers teaching emotional resilience available now!

Very First Reading Program


Teaches your child to read right from the beginning --No need to even know the alphabet first! 

SIMPLE open-and-go program! 

Get your child reading REAL books right away! 


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Lesson in Each Book

10 books with lessons included which build reading skills sequentially.
. Short lesson page in each book followed by a 10 page story 
. ​Phonics practice page in each book keeps the program simple.
.Emphasis on learning to decode words 

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Teaching Tools

. Innovative "Blending Path" to teach children to blend sounds
. Dash the pony finger puppets to improve focus and retain information.
. "Parent Pack" with simple step-by-step instructions on how to teach your child
. Sticker chart in each book to track progress

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Charming Illustrations

. Full color, wholesome and classic illustrations that resonate with parent and child.
. Illustrations don't create the bad habit of "looking and guessing" instead of reading.
. Diversity is featured throughout the books

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Engaging Stories

. Carefully crafted stories with conflict, resolution, and fun surprises!
. Works as a stand alone early phonics program, but also is wonderful to supplement other programs. 

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Activity Packs

. Play based activity packs
. Each pack goes with each book
. Practice and master the concepts from each book with games an activities
. PDF Downloads 

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