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Set 1 & Set 2 + Activity Packs--BUNDLE DEAL!

Product image 1Set 1 & Set 2 + Activity Packs--BUNDLE DEAL!
Product image 2Set 1 & Set 2 + Activity Packs--BUNDLE DEAL!
Product image 3Set 1 & Set 2 + Activity Packs--BUNDLE DEAL!
Product image 4Set 1 & Set 2 + Activity Packs--BUNDLE DEAL!
Product image 5Set 1 & Set 2 + Activity Packs--BUNDLE DEAL!
Product image 6Set 1 & Set 2 + Activity Packs--BUNDLE DEAL!
Product image 7Set 1 & Set 2 + Activity Packs--BUNDLE DEAL!

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Set 1 and Set 2 of our early reading phonics books! ALSO get 10 PDF Activity packs! Buy it as a bundle and get a great deal.

20% off when purchased together! Retails at $170, get it bundled together for only $114.99!!

This is a full reading program for grades pre-K to early 1st grade, but also is a great supplement to any phonics reading program. 

Here's what's included:

Set 1 Books starts right at the beginning -- your child doesn't even need to know the alphabet!  We teach the first few sounds and sight words they need to know, and how to blend them so they can decode words and then read the book.  10 Books, Parent guide, and paper finger puppets.  (Preschool-early kindergarten level)

Set 2 Books teaches long vowels, additional consonants, blending, additional digraphs, silent e words, and more sight words all in fun ways with lovely stories.(Advanced Kindergarten -early 1st grade level)

Activity Packs PDF downloads have 100 pages of FUN engaging ways to practice phonics and reading taught in the books! Puppets, coloring pages, games, crafts, "how to draw" games, puzzles, and many more fun activities that go with each book.

Parent Guide Books teach YOU how to teach your child to read -- in a positive, SIMPLE way! A short and easy book with lots of teaching tips. 

That's a total of 20 early reading books, 2 parent guides, 10 activity packs, plus FREE tote bag + stickers!

Why choose this reading program?

  • ​Phonics "mini lesson" in each book keeps the program simple.
  • Your child reading entire books right from the start! 
  • Easy step by step instructions on how to teach your child
  • Innovative "Blending Path" to teach children to blend sounds -- an important part of reading that's missed in most programs.
  • "Follow your finger" exercises to improve focus and retain information.
  • Magic wand cut-out to teach the magical silent E concept
  • Lovely, sweet illustrations that enhance the story and don't create the bad habit of guessing instead of reading.
  •  Phonics and sight word progression is logical, easy, and not overwhelming. We never ask the child to read a word or sound in the story they haven't already mastered. This builds reading confidence!
  • Engaging, page turning stories!
  • Simply the best "first" phonics book series out there. 
  • Tons of adorable puppets, games and more fun ways to practice reading with you child in the "Activity Packs"


Activity packs are PDF DOWNLOADS

Books are saddle stitch soft cover 6"x6"  



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