Free Printable 100 Books in 2023 Reading Log For Your Budding Readers



Free printable reading logs make reading fun and rewarding for your child. That's why I created this new "100 Books in 2023" fun freebie!

This printable reading log is an easy and efficient way to keep track of your child’s progress while they read. Find out in this article how you can use this free printable reading log to help your child meet their goals in the upcoming year!

The 100-Book Reading Log (Free Printable): How to Use It

Download this darling freebie to keep track of all your reading adventures with Fan and Sam! As books are read by your child, they can practice their writing by adding the title to the spine of the books! If your child or student is pre-writing, they can just color in the spines, one for each book completed.

Extra challenge: Try to find themed books to match the image on the spine of the books! Still not sure where to start? Check out our entire early reading program line up here.

How this free printable tool helps readers progress

Reading logs are a great motivational tool for young readers. Kids want to complete their coloring of the picture and will work extra to get those books read!

 Further our reading log can be a fun way to make a game out of reading by completing the extra challenge mentioned above.


If spreading it out over a year worries you, don't worry; I've included a 100-book version that your young reader can finish at their own pace. which is fantastic for those voracious readers!

Budding readers will also enjoy talking about the books they've read, and you can combine this reading log with added book reports if you want to extend the requirements.

Find more great free printable reading aids with Dash Into Learning

Did you know I offer a free printable bookmark as well? This bookmark can be printed to track reading. Plus, cut out the viewfinder in the bookmark to block out all the words except the one your child is focusing on—this helps kids stay focused!


If you want to award your child for reading a particularly challenging book, I also have free reading achievement awards you can download and print for your student or child.

Making reading as fun as possible while children are small is an important part of encouraging their love for reading.

 What have you done in your classroom or at home to encourage your budding readers? I would love to hear about it!

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