Hi there! I'm a professional artist and mom of littles who wanted to teach my children to read.  After struggling to find a common sense program that was consistent, effective, and engaging for those very first steps of phonics learning, I realized there wasn't anything out there. I felt lost and discouraged trying to teach my children with curriculums that were boring, ugly, or just simply incorrect.  I got book after book written by people with letters after letters behind their names but they were missing the mark. So, I asked my mom how she taught her seven children to all read before Kindergarten.  She showed me time-honored concepts and methods she used.  I just knew I had to create and share a reading program with engaging stories based on these proven methods. Being a professional artist made me even more passionate to create these books. I have since used this program with my four year old who is reading "Dash into Learning" books fluently with none of the frustration and discouragement of other programs. She has a foundation in phonics which allows her to decode words all around her and be a confident reader.

This is a common sense, classical progression of phonics and sight words along with fun, sweet and engaging stories.  We use coordinating hand and eye movements to help your child's brain retain information even better. The beautiful illustrations are the cherry on top and will be pleasing and inspiring for both parent and child.

Each book has a mini lesson that introduces our groundbreaking concepts.  The child will master each mini step with a fun sticker chart. They will then continue on to read an entire story with the concepts, sounds and words they already know eliminating the frustration that comes with moving too fast when learning to read.  We never ask the child to guess a word! We never use the illustrations to "help" the child read!  We believe that young children can sound out words on their own if given the right foundation. 

These books are ideal for the parent who wants to supplement their child's school education and for the home school family who wants a complete early phonics reading program.  Being proactive and teaching your children how to read correctly will give them the best foundation for their entire education.  Schools do their best, but we are here to help our children do even better.