7 Ways to Deal With Overstimulation as a Homeschool Mom

I think a lot of parents love their kids so much. But the struggle with overstimulation or the constant needs of kids can be wearing. Add homeschooling into the mix, and this issue can get magnified by ten. But we can deal with it!

How can we deal with this? Sometimes it's all just too much! The questions, the schedules, the interruptions, and listening to narrations that get longer and longer as the children grow up. The squabbling between siblings, endless read alouds—it just seems like the list gets longer and longer as to why you may be at your wit's end.

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Seven Ways to Beat the Overstimulation You're Feeling.


Stop and breathe, Momma. I am here to help you with my own personal methods for  managing all this overstimulation in your life. 

Tip One: I tell myself, “This feeling and situation won't last forever. Bedtime will come. Naps do happen, and I will get a much needed break.”

Tip Two: Schedule quiet time. This time is for me to be with myself and my thoughts. I like 30 minutes in the morning and one hour at night. Make this a priority! Charge those batteries for when it's go time. 

Tip Three: Treat questions and read aloud time like a school teacher. Children should raise their hands and wait to be called on. If they have questions, comments, or narrations while you are reading aloud, they must wait. If they start talking, simply hold your finger up to them and continue to read. It signals that they need to be patient. 

Stop at the end of the sentence or paragraph to call on them. With multiple children, this is the only way for us! Willy Nilly interruptions while reading aloud are more grating on my nerves than I want as a busy mom. 

Tip Four: I use a simple fighting equals chores idea that works. When the bickering just won't stop or they are constantly coming to me with issues that need resolving. It's time to pull this one out. I tell them, “ Well, I guess if we can't figure out a nice way to play, then I've got a lot of chores that can use you!” They figured out pretty quickly how to play nicely without interrupting me. 

Tip five: Momma needs outdoor time! Get outside alone or with the kids every single day. My morning walks and outdoor chores are life to me. My kids come sometimes, or sometimes I go alone. Just being outside calms me and relieves that feeling of overstimulation. 

Tip six: Have a creative outlet for yourself. Scrolling online doesn't count. Look forward to some time when you get to craft, draw, sing, write, or do whatever strikes your fancy. It's a cup-filler!

Tip seven:This is really important! Squeeze those kids! Sometimes a few minutes of major cuddles and laughs will fill their emotional cups enough that the interruptions and bickering stop. Plus, let's face it, this is one of the perks of being a mom. Enjoying time with the kids. 

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So what's your take?

What's one thing you've found that works for you when you're feeling closed in? I would love to hear from you. Let's share our best homeschooling sanity saving advice and help each other grow as parents.

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