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Dash into Happy -- Emotional Resilience Books Set 1

Product image 1Dash into Happy -- Emotional Resilience Books Set 1
Product image 2Dash into Happy -- Emotional Resilience Books Set 1
Product image 3Dash into Happy -- Emotional Resilience Books Set 1
Product image 4Dash into Happy -- Emotional Resilience Books Set 1
Product image 5Dash into Happy -- Emotional Resilience Books Set 1
Product image 6Dash into Happy -- Emotional Resilience Books Set 1
Product image 7Dash into Happy -- Emotional Resilience Books Set 1

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PRE-ORDER our brand new emotional resilience program! 

Just as our early reading series was a gentle, parent-led approach to phonics, using adorable stories to help master concepts, our new Dash into Happy series does just that but teaches the ever important social emotional skills and concepts!  Along with the stunning illustrations and super creative ways to learn these skills it is another home run from Dash into Learning. 

Set 1 of our Dash Into Happy Emotional Resilience program  includes 5 books with built in pre and post lessons and a parent guide book. Each book has lesson pages and a full length story.  Special pre-order price is almost 30% off!  Get the set of books for $37.99 before price goes up to retail of $49.99.

In our new Dash into Happy™ book series we build on the gentle and endearing traits that your children already find in our books and allow children to connect with the emotions in the stories in safe, accessible ways. How do we do this? We have placed Fan and Sam, Mitt and Meg, and the rest of the gang into familiar fairy tales and fables. Fan and Sam encounter emotions and dilemmas in the Three Bears. Tim and Tam are Hansel and Gretel as they help each other escape the gingerbread house and show compassion about each other and their father. Mitt and Meg shepherd the Three Billy Goats Gruff past the hungry troll and role model how to deal with a bully. And the list goes on. 

But the series is much more than simple stories. Each story is crafted to emphasize the thoughts and emotions of the characters so that the child can learn to connect with his or her own emotions by proxy. Then the child learns compassion for self and others when they are struggling. And the child learns to reach out for support and to give support to others who are in distress. These are the first, gentle steps to social-emotional learning about dealing with feelings.

This order is for Set 1 which is part of  a larger curriculum -- each set of books will build upon the last set to teach more advanced concepts.  There will be 9 sets of books in total. Set 1 works to introduce and solidify early concepts in emotional resiliency. 

The books included in Set 1 of the Dash into Happy program are:

Book 1: The Three Bears

Book 2: The Princesses and the Pea

Book 3: The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Book 4: Little Red Riding Hood

Book 5: The Gingerbread House

Book 6: Parent Guide

Future adventures include The Emperor’s New Clothes, Jack and the Beanstalk, Rapunzel, Town Cousin and Country Cousin, Snow White, Cinderella and many others!

The social emotional skills that this program gradually build include: 

  • Connecting with their own emotions and naming them
  • Talking about their emotions instead of acting them out with misbehavior
  • Having insight and compassion on self and others
  • Learning to empathize with others instead of rejecting or demeaning others
  • Learning to both give and receive emotional support
  • Learning to cope with stress in healthy ways
  • Learning to talk so others will listen without getting defensive
  • Learning to listen so others will be deeply understood
  • Learning to accept feelings and learn to mitigate negative emotions
  • Learning to replace negative thinking with healthy cognitions
  • Learning to take action rather than be a passive victim
  • Learning collaborative problem solving
  • Learning to cope with more serious issues such as divorce, friendship, death, boundaries, etc.
  • Learning how trauma can impact self and others and having compassion about the effects

These books and this program are meant to be parent/teacher led.  It works best when a parent/teacher reads the book to the child and leads the discussion and actions. These are not early reader books but children can read them on their own if they wish.  

This program is for children ages 5-10.  Books are soft cover, 28 pages, and full color. 

See more details about the program at our Dash into Happy page HERE .  More details and sneak peeks of the inside of the books to come over the next month!

PRE-ORDER NOW FOR 30% OFF -- Books are set to ship March 2021. Your pre-order helps fund the launch of this amazing program. THANK YOU for your early support!! 

Pre-order the set of books for 30% off! $37.99 before price goes up to retail of $49.99.

Amelia Murdock (creator of Dash into Learning) has teamed up with Joan Landes MA CHMC-- a homeschool mother of 7 and a clinical mental health counselor who has used these concepts in her private practice with much success for years-- to create this exceptionally beautiful, engaging, practical, and important curriculum for classrooms and families. 


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