Our Happy Mamas

"I have shared these books before and I cannot stress enough how life changing these have been for my daughter. What drew me in first was the beautiful illustrations. But what keeps me raving about these books is the structure of the writing. Each book gives a specific sight word and blending path that teach your child how to blend sounds. I have seen amazing improvement in how my daughter reads and she will read one of these books every single day with no complaints!" -- Kristen

"The books aand activity packs from Dash into Learning have been lifesavers. Fun, hands-on, and easy to use!" -- Ashley

"...beautiful, wholesome stories"

"The most beautiful, wholesome stories for little ones to begin learning how to read. My 4 year old loves reading them and they look beautiful in our home"-- Lauren

 "I highly recommend these to everyone"

"My daughter cried every time I pulled out at Teacher manual to teach her to read. We tried Bob book but they seem to jump around and weren’t very appealing.

A friend of mine introduced me to these books and my daughter LOVES them. They are not overwhelming at all. They have a page at the beginning that teaches you what is in the book (sounds and sight words). You can move along as fast or as slow as the Child needs to go. My daughter loves the puppets that you can make to go along with the stories. I highly recommend these to everyone teaching a child to read!!" -- Jennilyn

"...so easy with Dash!"

"We are only on book 2, but teaching my son to read has been so easy with Dash!" -- Kelsey