Our Books and Program

Why choose the "Dash into Learning" program?

  • Lesson page in each book followed by a 10 page story

  • ​Phonics practice page in each book keeps the program simple.

  • Very first phonics program -- No need to even know the alphabet yet! Learn everything you need to start right in this program. 

  • "Parent Pack" with easy step-by-step instructions on how to teach your child

  • Innovative "Blending Path" will teach children to blend sounds -- an important part of reading that's missed in most programs.

  • "Follow your finger" exercises with Dash the pony finger puppets to improve focus and retain information.

  • Wholesome and classic illustrations that resonate with parent and child.

  • Illustration don't create the bad habit of "looking and guessing" instead of reading.

  •  Phonics progression is logical, easy, and not overwhelming. We never ask the child to read a word or sound in the story they haven't already mastered. This builds reading confidence!

  • Engaging, page turning stories!

  • Works as a stand alone early phonics program, but also is wonderful to supplement other programs. 

  • Secular based -- Great for charter and public schools!

  • Diversity is featured throughout the books 

Purchase the entire 10 book first set HERE

This 10 book first set covers early phonics:

  • Short vowels-- we believe long vowel should be introduced after short vowels are mastered

  • Consonants--most consonants are covered

  • Digraphs -- sh, th,

  • Blending of sounds

  • Basic sight words


Book 1: My Ship

Book 2: Cam the Cat

Book 3: Fan and Sam

Book 4: The Cub

Book 5: Mitt and I

Book 6: Matt the Ram

Book 7: My Pal

Book 8: Six Kits

Book 9: The Mutt

Book 10: Fish Fun